Business Model

Revenue is generated basically from contracts of AAI which are bided by the Company directly. Under this the Company have a fixed Billing pattern in the form of Running Account bill which is mostly monthly and could vary depending upon nature of project.

Billing is done as per execution of Projects. Apart from Contractual we have also Fixed AMC Contracts of Operation and Maintenance of Electrical and Mechanical Work, perimeter lighting work, fire fighting solutions at various Airports of India. In short there is a mixed model of service as well as project revenue model. The Company got the contract for Annual Maintenance in different section of AAI. Generally this type of contract are on annual basis and in some cases it can be extended or even the same annual maintenance work can be allotted for more than 1 (one) year. In addition, Company works on tendering and bidding process. Our exclusive clients are AAI only. The Tenders are issued by AAI. After the Bidding, if our tender is approved the department will issue us the LOA (Letter of Acceptance). We get the direct contract / tender from AAI.